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“Bfg Movie Quotes” is a unique product that brings together the most memorable and iconic quotes from a wide range of movies. Whether you are a cinephile or just someone who appreciates the power of words, this compilation is sure to captivate your imagination. From action-packed thrillers to heartwarming romances, this collection covers a diverse range of films, allowing you to relive the magic and relish in the powerful emotions that these movies evoke. With its carefully curated selection of quotes, “Bfg Movie Quotes” offers a delightful journey through the plots, characters, and timeless moments that have enthralled audiences for years.

BFG Movie Quotes

The BFG, a heartwarming fantasy film based on the 1982 novel by Roald Dahl, brings together memorable quotes and a compelling plot to captivate audiences of all ages. This article explores the enchanting story of Sophie and her encounter with the gentle giant known as the BFG. We dive into the plan to stop the other giants, and the final showdown that leads to a triumphant resolution. Along the way, we delve into the characters that make this tale so endearing – from the brave Sophie to the lovable BFG, the menacing other giants, and even the Queen of England. Join us as we journey through Dream Country and uncover the magic within the BFG movie.

Bfg Movie Quotes


Introduction to the story

“Once upon a time, a little girl named Sophie embarked on an extraordinary adventure that would change her life forever. As the clock struck the witching hour, Sophie found herself face-to-face with the Big Friendly Giant, commonly known as the BFG. Little did she know, this encounter would transport her to a world beyond her wildest dreams.”

Sophie’s encounter with the BFG

“Filled with curiosity, Sophie soon discovered that the BFG was no ordinary giant. Towering over her, he spoke in a peculiar language filled with whimsical words such as ‘whizpopping’ and ‘snozzcumbers.’ Despite his initially intimidating appearance, Sophie quickly realized that the BFG possessed a kind and gentle nature.”

The plan to stop the other giants

“As Sophie spent more time in Giant Country, she learned of a grave threat posed by the other giants. These colossal creatures, with names like Fleshlumpeater and Bloodbottler, terrorized the world and caused havoc wherever they went. Determined to put an end to their reign, Sophie and the BFG hatched a daring plan.”

The final showdown

“With their plan in motion, the BFG and Sophie embarked on a thrilling adventure to stop the other giants once and for all. Armed with their wits and a collection of dreams, the brave duo confronted the giants head-on. The final showdown would test not only their courage, but also their resourcefulness and friendship.”



“Sophie, a young girl with an indomitable spirit, serves as the heart and soul of this story. From her initial terrifying encounter with the BFG to their subsequent bond, Sophie’s bravery and strength shine through. As she grows closer to the BFG, Sophie’s character evolves, revealing a resilient and compassionate nature.”


“Known as the Big Friendly Giant, the BFG is a gentle giant with an insatiable appetite for snozzcumbers and a unique way of speaking. Despite his immense size, the BFG possesses an endearing kindness that immediately captures Sophie’s heart. His knowledge and wisdom, combined with his unwavering determination, make him a formidable ally in the battle against the other giants.”

The other giants

“Unlike the BFG, the other giants are malicious and dangerous creatures. Their towering presence and insatiable hunger for ‘human beans’ creates an atmosphere of fear and uncertainty. Yet, it is through their interactions with the BFG and Sophie that the audience witnesses the stark contrast between cruelty and compassion.”

Queen of England

“Enter the Queen of England, a regal figure who plays a surprising role in the fight against the giants. Initially skeptical, the Queen’s perception of the BFG undergoes a transformative shift as she witnesses the impact of his friendship on Sophie and the giants. Her authority and resources become vital in their quest to bring about a peaceful resolution.”

Memorable Quotes

  • “Dreams is full of mystery and magic.” – The BFG
  • “I cannot be right all the time. Quite often I is left instead of be right.” – The BFG
  • “We is in Dream Country. This is where all dreams is beginning.” – The BFG
  • “Iffen I don’t just let her pop she’d explode.” – The BFG about the Queen
  • “One of the most unfriendly-sounding names… Giants… Huge monsters!” – The BFG
  • “When little people fight, it is called cruelty.” – The BFG
  • “The witching hour, somebody had once whispered to her, was a special moment in the middle of the night when every child and every grown-up was in a deep deep sleep, and all the dark things came out from hiding and had the world all to themselves.” – Narrator

Bfg Movie Quotes

Sophie’s Encounter with the BFG

Discovering the existence of giants

“As Sophie accidentally glimpsed the BFG through her orphanage window, she was thrust into a world far beyond her imagination. In that fateful moment, she discovered the existence of giants and embarked on a journey that would forever alter her perspective.”

The BFG taking Sophie to Giant Country

“The BFG, with his giant hand whisking her away, transported Sophie to a land known as Giant Country. Here, amidst the rolling hills and towering trees, Sophie encountered a world filled with giants of all shapes and sizes. It was in this enchanting landscape that their extraordinary adventure truly began.”

First impressions of the BFG

“Sophie’s initial encounter with the BFG was met with trepidation, his massive figure and booming voice evoking a mixture of fear and curiosity. Yet, as she observed his gentle nature and listened to his peculiar way of speaking, Sophie’s apprehension began to transform into a sense of awe and wonder.”

Learning about the BFG’s purpose and dream catching

“Through their conversations and newfound friendship, Sophie unraveled the mysteries of the BFG’s purpose. She discovered that he was not like the other giants who indulged in human flesh. Instead, the BFG caught and dispersed dreams, spreading hope and wonder throughout the world. This revelation inspired Sophie and fueled her determination to join the BFG in his mission.”

The Plan to Stop the Other Giants

Sophie and the BFG forming a plan

“United in their cause, Sophie and the BFG devised a plan to put an end to the reign of terror inflicted by the other giants. Their strategy involved utilizing the power of dreams to influence the monstrous creatures and convince them to change their ways.”

Collecting dreams to influence the giants

“With the BFG’s expertise in dream-catching, he and Sophie set out to collect a vast array of dreams that would capture the imagination of the giants. This endeavor required careful planning, as they ventured into the realm of dreams to gather the most powerful and captivating ones.”

The challenges and risks faced by Sophie and the BFG

“Along their perilous journey, Sophie and the BFG encountered numerous challenges and risks. They had to navigate treacherous landscapes, outsmart the other giants, and overcome their own fears. Despite the dangers, their unwavering determination and unwavering friendship propelled them forward.”

Convincing the Queen of England to help

“To make their plan a success, Sophie and the BFG realized they needed the assistance of the Queen of England. They embarked on a mission to convince her of the existence of giants and the urgent need to take action. Through their persistence and passion, they managed to capture the Queen’s attention and enlist her aid.”

The Final Showdown

The BFG’s bravery and determination

“As the final showdown with the other giants approached, the BFG showcased incredible bravery and determination. With every step towards his goal, he embodied the transformative power of kindness and stood as a beacon of hope for Sophie and those around him.”

The confrontation with the other giants

“In a climactic clash, Sophie and the BFG confronted the other giants head-on. Their cunning and resourcefulness proved crucial as they outsmarted their adversaries, using dreams and cunning tactics to neutralize the threat. Through their unified effort, they created a turning point in the battle against cruelty.”

Solving the problem of the giants once and for all

“With the help of the Queen of England and their unwavering resolve, Sophie and the BFG managed to solve the problem of the giants once and for all. Their perseverance and ingenuity led to a resolution that offered both the giants and the world a chance for transformation and redemption.”

The triumphant return to Giant Country

“After their triumph over the other giants, Sophie and the BFG found themselves back in Giant Country. With newfound peace and harmony, they celebrated their victory and continued spreading joy through dream-catching. Their bond, forged through adversity, became a testament to the power of friendship and compassion.”


Description and background

“Sophie, a brave and resilient young girl, has spent her life in the confines of an orphanage. Her mysterious encounter with the BFG exposes her to a world beyond her imagination. With her red hair and determined spirit, Sophie quickly becomes the heart of the story.”

Bravery and strength

“In the face of uncertainty and danger, Sophie remains remarkably courageous. From her initial encounter with the BFG to her audacious plan to stop the other giants, Sophie’s bravery shines through. She defies her own fears and demonstrates an unwavering strength that inspires those around her.”

Evolution of her relationship with the BFG

“Sophie’s relationship with the BFG evolves throughout the story. From a timid orphan to a loyal friend, Sophie undergoes a transformation as she witnesses the BFG’s kindness and compassion. Their shared objective and mutual support strengthen their bond, ultimately leading to a powerful alliance against the other giants.”

Impact on the outcome of the story

“As the protagonist, Sophie plays a pivotal role in shaping the outcome of the story. Her bravery, resourcefulness, and unwavering determination are instrumental in the mission to stop the other giants. Without her, the BFG’s plans would not have come to fruition, and the giants would have continued their reign of terror.”


Description and background

“The BFG, with his towering height and large, floppy ears, is instantly recognizable. Despite his formidable appearance, the BFG possesses a gentle and kind nature. His origins and true name remain shrouded in mystery, adding a touch of intrigue to his character.”

Kindness and gentleness

“The BFG’s kindness and gentleness set him apart from the other giants. Rather than preying on humans, he captures and disperses dreams, using his abilities for good. His interactions with Sophie reveal the depths of his empathy and compassion, endearing him to both the audience and his newfound friend.”

Knowledge and wisdom

“Beyond his physical prowess, the BFG possesses extensive knowledge and wisdom. His understanding of dreams and their power becomes a driving force in the battle against the other giants. The BFG’s insights and guidance prove invaluable to Sophie, as they navigate the challenges they face.”

The BFG’s impact on Sophie and the giants

“The BFG’s presence has a profound impact on both Sophie and the other giants. Through his friendship with Sophie, the BFG demonstrates the transformative power of compassion. His unwavering dedication to making the world a better place influences not only Sophie’s growth but also elicits a change in the giants, offering them a chance at redemption.”

The Other Giants

Malicious and dangerous characteristics

“While the BFG radiates kindness, the other giants embody malevolence. With their towering figures and insatiable hunger for ‘human beans,’ they evoke fear and dread. Their cruel nature and menacing demeanor serve as the primary source of conflict in the story.”

Interactions with the BFG and Sophie

“Throughout the movie, the other giants interact with both the BFG and Sophie, often in antagonistic and threatening ways. Their pursuit of Sophie and their relentless quest for food create a sense of urgency and danger that permeates the narrative.”

Importance in creating conflict

“The other giants play a crucial role in creating the central conflict of the story. Their actions and aggression serve as obstacles for Sophie and the BFG. By presenting a clear threat to the peaceful existence of both the BFG and the human world, the giants propel the narrative forward and heighten the stakes of the final showdown.”

Resolution of their threat

“Through the collective efforts of Sophie, the BFG, and the Queen of England, the threat posed by the other giants is eventually resolved. The resolution offers not only a solution to the immediate danger but also a pathway for change and redemption. This transformation offers a poignant message of the power of compassion and the potential for growth.”

Queen of England

Introduction to the character

“The Queen of England, a symbol of authority and leadership, plays an unexpected role in the battle against the other giants. While her introduction in the story may seem unconventional, it is her position and resources that become crucial in the fight against the giants.”

Involvement in the plan against the giants

“As Sophie and the BFG sought assistance in their mission, they turned to the Queen of England for help. The inclusion of the Queen provides a unique perspective and elevates the story’s scope. With her deep sense of duty and willingness to listen, the Queen proves to be an essential ally in their fight.”

Importance of her authority and resources

“The Queen’s authority and resources prove indispensable in their plan to stop the other giants. Her influence and position allow Sophie and the BFG to reach an audience that would have been otherwise unattainable. Through her collaboration and support, the giants are finally confronted head-on.”

The Queen’s perception of the BFG

“Initially skeptical of the BFG’s existence, the Queen’s perception undergoes a profound transformation. As she witnesses the impact of the BFG’s friendship on Sophie and the other giants, she grows to appreciate his unique qualities. Her newfound understanding serves as a powerful testament to the potential for change and demonstrates the impact of genuine connection.”

In conclusion, the BFG movie, with its memorable quotes, enchanting plot, and delightful characters, offers audiences a captivating and heartwarming experience. From Sophie’s extraordinary encounter with the BFG to their journey to stop the other giants, each aspect of the story is carefully crafted to engage and inspire. Through their bravery, kindness, and determination, Sophie, the BFG, and even the Queen of England showcase the transformative power of compassion. As viewers accompany them on their adventure, they are reminded of the magic within all of us and the importance of standing up against cruelty. The BFG’s movie quotes will forever remind us of the mystery and the wonders that lie within our dreams.

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