Httyd Movie Quotes

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Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of Httyd Movie Quotes! This exciting product brings you a curated collection of memorable quotes from your favorite movies. From thrilling plots to unforgettable characters, this collection provides a glimpse into the captivating narratives of these films. Whether you’re looking for a trip down memory lane or seeking inspiration, Httyd Movie Quotes is your ultimate guide to reliving the magic of these beloved movies.

Httyd Movie Quotes

Httyd Movie Quotes

Httyd 1

In the first installment of the How to Train Your Dragon series, viewers were introduced to a world where Vikings and dragons exist alongside each other. This heartwarming and adventurous film provided us with memorable quotes from various characters that have remained beloved among fans.

Hiccup’s Quotes

Hiccup, the protagonist of the Httyd franchise, went through a remarkable transformation throughout the series. His intelligence, humor, and growth were highlighted through his quotes. One of his notable lines from Httyd 1 is, “I wouldn’t kill him because he looked as frightened as I was. I looked at him… and I saw myself.” This quote captures Hiccup’s empathy and compassion, as he discovers his understanding of dragons, challenging the traditional Viking perspective.

Toothless’ Quotes

Toothless, Hiccup’s loyal and lovable Night Fury dragon, may not have spoken in words, but his actions and expressions often spoke volumes. Toothless’ role in the films allowed for heartwarming and humorous moments. While Toothless didn’t have verbal quotes, his various snarls, purrs, and playful interactions with Hiccup painted a picture of their deep bond.

Astrid’s Quotes

Astrid, Hiccup’s fierce and talented love interest, had her fair share of memorable quotes. One of her notable lines is, “Everything we know about you guys is wrong!” Astrid’s quote encapsulates the growth in her character, as she learns to challenge her preconceived notions about dragons and embrace her newfound understanding.

Stoick’s Quotes

Stoick, Hiccup’s father and Chief of the Viking tribe, provided wisdom and leadership throughout the films. One of his memorable lines from Httyd 1 is, “The heart is not so easily changed, but the head can be persuaded.” Stoick’s quote reflects his understanding that change requires thoughtful persuasion and patience, demonstrating his wisdom as a leader.

Gobber’s Quotes

Gobber, the village blacksmith and mentor figure, brought humor and guidance in his own unique way. His quotes often showcased his amusing and sometimes sarcastic personality. “When I found you, you were so small, seemed like nothing, but… then the more I looked, the more I saw. And I liked what I saw,” is a heartfelt line from Gobber that reveals his fondness for young Hiccup and his growth.

Viking Quotes

Throughout Httyd 1, the Vikings’ perspective on dragons was challenged as they learned to coexist with these mythical creatures. The film showcased Viking quotes that encapsulated their bravery, warrior mentality, and their eventual shift in understanding. “We have defeated this foe before, and we will do it again!” represents the Vikings’ determination and resilience when faced with challenges.

Httyd 2

Building upon the success of the first film, How to Train Your Dragon 2 continued to captivate audiences with its thrilling storyline and memorable quotes. Let’s dive into the quotes from this exciting sequel.

Hiccup’s Quotes

Hiccup’s journey continued to evolve in How to Train Your Dragon 2, as he embraced his role as a leader and expanded his understanding of dragons. “We are a family. We need to face this together,” reflects Hiccup’s growth as he realizes the importance of unity and support within his dragon-riding community.

Toothless’ Quotes

Toothless once again stole the show in How to Train Your Dragon 2 with his endearing nonverbal communication. Although he didn’t speak through words, his eyes and actions spoke volumes. Toothless’ unwavering loyalty is showcased through his determination to protect and rescue Hiccup and his Dragon Rider friends.

Astrid’s Quotes

Astrid, now a skilled warrior and Hiccup’s confidante, continued to inspire with her determination and loyalty in How to Train Your Dragon 2. “We can’t just run away from our problems,” reflects Astrid’s bravery in facing challenges head-on, even when the stakes seem high.

Valka’s Quotes

How to Train Your Dragon 2 introduced Valka, Hiccup’s long-lost mother, into the story. Her quotes highlighted her passion for dragons and her wisdom gained from years of studying them. “Dragons aren’t pets. They’re not meant to ride around on. They’re wild, unpredictable, dangerous creatures,” showcases Valka’s understanding of the true nature of dragons.

Drago’s Quotes

Drago, the film’s antagonist, brought a darker element to How to Train Your Dragon 2. His quotes portrayed his desire for control and power over dragons. “With this dragon army, I will become unstoppable,” reveals Drago’s determination to dominate the dragons and assert his authority.

Dragons’ Quotes

The dragons themselves played a significant role in How to Train Your Dragon 2, showcasing their personalities and distinctiveness. Though they didn’t express themselves through words, their grunts, roars, and playful interactions with characters demonstrated their unique personalities and bond with their human counterparts.

Httyd 3

The final chapter of the How to Train Your Dragon trilogy, How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, provided fans with a heartfelt conclusion to the beloved series. Let’s explore the quotes from this emotional and thrilling installment.

Hiccup’s Quotes

Hiccup’s journey in How to Train Your Dragon 3 focused on his growth as a leader and his quest to protect and liberate dragons. “There were dragons when I was a boy,” encapsulates Hiccup’s belief in preserving the existence of dragons and the importance of carrying on their legacy.

Toothless’ Quotes

Toothless, as always, continued to be the steadfast companion to Hiccup in How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World. His nonverbal expressions and gestures conveyed his friendship, playfulness, and deep connection with Hiccup. Toothless’ quotes may not have been heard verbally, but they resonated through his unwavering loyalty and protectiveness.

Astrid’s Quotes

Astrid’s character grew leaps and bounds in How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World. Her quotes showcased her fierce loyalty and inspiring nature. “This is what you were searching for, isn’t it? Now you have to let him go,” captures Astrid’s selflessness and understanding when it comes to Hiccup making difficult choices for the greater good.

Grimmel’s Quotes

Grimmel the Grisly, the film’s villain, brought a new level of danger and cunningness to the story. His quotes portrayed his sinister motivations and desire to exterminate all dragons. “With this dragon, I will control all others,” reveals Grimmel’s obsession with dominating dragons and his dangerous plans.

Light Fury’s Quotes

The introduction of the Light Fury, a female counterpart to Toothless, brought a new dynamic to the dragon world in How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World. Although Light Fury didn’t have verbal quotes, her interactions with Toothless and her playful nature expressed her curious and independent personality.

Friendship Quotes

Friendship has been a central theme throughout the How to Train Your Dragon series. The bonds between various characters, human or dragon, were integral to the heartwarming narrative. Quotes like “We’re a team, aren’t we?” emphasize the importance of friendship and teamwork in overcoming challenges and achieving success.

Hiccup’s Quotes

Hiccup’s character journey in the How to Train Your Dragon series was filled with profound and inspirational quotes. Let’s explore some of Hiccup’s most significant words that resonated throughout the films.

Hiccup’s Journey Quotes

Hiccup’s path from an inexperienced young Viking to a respected leader was a transformative one. His quotes showcased his personal growth and the lessons he learned along the way. “Discover what you can do, and what you can’t,” reflects Hiccup’s understanding of his strengths and limitations, allowing him to navigate his journey.

Leadership Quotes

As Hiccup stepped into his role as Chief and leader, his quotes demonstrated his commitment to his people and his conviction in leading with compassion and understanding. “Leadership is not about being in charge. It’s about taking care of those in your charge,” captures Hiccup’s belief that leadership goes beyond authority and instead focuses on the well-being of others.

Belief in Dragons Quotes

Hiccup’s unwavering belief in the existence and worth of dragons was a central theme in the How to Train Your Dragon series. His quotes emphasized the importance of challenging societal norms and embracing new perspectives. “They’ve killed hundreds of us! And we’ve killed thousands of them,” reflects Hiccup’s understanding that true understanding can only be achieved through open-mindedness.

Friendship Quotes

The bonds of friendship were instrumental in Hiccup’s journey. Hiccup’s quotes concerning friendship resonated with viewers and highlighted the value he placed on camaraderie. “The well-being of our friends is more important than our own safety,” underscores Hiccup’s willingness to prioritize the well-being of his friends above all else.

Dragon Rider Quotes

As the first Dragon Rider among the Vikings, Hiccup’s quotes regarding dragon riding showcased his courage and love for these creatures. “This is amazing! I’ve actually succeeded in creating a new form of flight!” captures Hiccup’s enthusiasm and innovation as he pushes boundaries and expands the possibilities of riding dragons.

Toothless’ Quotes

Toothless, despite his nonverbal communication, left an indelible mark on the hearts of the How to Train Your Dragon fans. Let’s delve into the quotes that symbolize Toothless’ unique presence and unwavering friendship.

Friendship Quotes

Toothless’ actions and gestures throughout the series spoke volumes about his deep bond with Hiccup. Though he may not have spoken with words, his loyalty and companionship shone through. “If I’m not because of you, then what am I?” showcases Toothless’ reliance on Hiccup as a source of identity and purpose.

Non-verbal Communication Quotes

Toothless’ communicative abilities were not limited to words. His body language and expressive eyes allowed for moments of connection and understanding. “Toothless understands Dragonese. Probably everyone Dragon knows,” reveals the unspoken understanding between Toothless and other dragons, emphasizing their universal language.

Protectiveness Quotes

Toothless’ protective nature toward Hiccup and his friends was evident throughout the films. Even without verbal quotes, his actions spoke to his unwavering dedication. Toothless would go to great lengths to ensure the safety and well-being of those he cared about, showcasing his fierce protectiveness.

Playfulness Quotes

Toothless’ playful personality added levity and joy to the How to Train Your Dragon series. His quotes were often expressed through his playful actions and interactions with Hiccup. Toothless’ ability to embrace the joyous side of life reminds us to find moments of lightheartedness amidst challenges.

Dragon Loyalty Quotes

Toothless represented the epitome of loyalty in the dragon world. His unflinching dedication to Hiccup and the other Dragon Riders demonstrated his allegiance. Toothless’ quotes were exhibited through his steadfast commitment to his human companions, symbolizing the strength of the bonds formed between dragons and humans.

Astrid’s Quotes

Astrid’s character evolved throughout the How to Train Your Dragon series, transitioning from a fierce warrior to a trusted ally and love interest to Hiccup. Let’s explore Astrid’s quotes that showcased her bravery, loyalty, and inspiring nature.

Bravery Quotes

Astrid’s quotes often highlighted her courage and fearlessness in the face of danger. “You’ve got the heart of a chief, and the soul of a dragon,” encapsulates the bravery she sees in Hiccup, recognizing and admiring his courageous spirit.

Warrior Quotes

As a skilled warrior, Astrid’s quotes embodied her determined nature and her unwavering dedication to protecting her loved ones. “Warriors don’t show weakness. We improvise. We adapt,” reflects Astrid’s resilience and ability to overcome challenges with her quick thinking and resourcefulness.

Fierce Loyalty Quotes

Astrid’s loyalty extended not only to Hiccup but also to her tribe and fellow Dragon Riders. Her quotes emphasized her commitment to those she cared about, showcasing her unwavering dedication. “I’ll carry you home,” reflects Astrid’s promise to always be there for Hiccup, willing to support him through thick and thin.

Inspiring Quotes

Astrid’s character inspired those around her through her determination and strength. Her quotes often left a lasting impact on viewers, encouraging them to face their fears and embrace change. “Change comes whether we like it or not,” reflects Astrid’s acceptance and adaptability, serving as a reminder of the importance of embracing growth.

Love Quotes

As Astrid’s relationship with Hiccup blossomed throughout the series, her quotes expressed her deep affection and love for him. “I love this plan! I’m proud to be a part of it!” captures Astrid’s enthusiasm and unwavering support for Hiccup’s endeavors, showcasing the strength of their bond.

Stoick’s Quotes

Stoick, Hiccup’s father and the Chief of the Vikings, provided wisdom and guidance throughout the How to Train Your Dragon series. Let’s explore Stoick’s quotes that showcased his fatherly role, leadership qualities, and Viking wisdom.

Fatherly Quotes

As a father, Stoick’s quotes emphasized his love and concern for Hiccup’s well-being. “You’re my son, and I’m your father. I’m always going to fight for you, even if you’ve given up on yourself,” showcases Stoick’s unwavering support and belief in Hiccup, reminding him of their unbreakable bond.

Leadership Quotes

As the Chief of the Viking tribe, Stoick’s quotes highlighted his leadership qualities and the responsibility he carried. “A chief protects his own,” reflects Stoick’s commitment to safeguarding his people and the dragons they coexist with, showcasing his sense of duty and loyalty.

Viking Wisdom Quotes

Stoick’s quotes often reflected the traditional Viking wisdom he embodied. “When your swing only counts for one, you gotta make it count,” encapsulates Stoick’s understanding that even small actions can have a significant impact, emphasizing the importance of making every moment count.

Sacrifice Quotes

Stoick’s character exemplified courage and sacrifice as he navigated the challenges faced by the Vikings. His quotes showcased his willingness to make difficult choices for the greater good. “Sometimes, a chief’s greatest actions spring from his greatest failures,” reflects Stoick’s understanding that mistakes and failures can pave the way for growth and important lessons.

Gobber’s Quotes

Gobber, the village blacksmith and mentor figure, brought humor and guidance to the How to Train Your Dragon series. Let’s explore Gobber’s quotes that showcased his wisdom, humor, combat training expertise, and unique approach to mentoring.

Wisdom Quotes

Gobber’s quotes often contained nuggets of wisdom and life lessons, drawing from his experiences and observations. “First, the fire pit. Then, we’ll talk,” represents Gobber’s no-nonsense approach to teaching valuable lessons and reminding others of their responsibilities.

Humorous Quotes

Gobber’s character provided comic relief throughout the How to Train Your Dragon series, often injecting humor into serious situations. His quotes showcased his clever wit and ability to lighten the mood. “Noble, upstanding. Brave. It’s a good thing I didn’t kill him. Good, that would’ve been… bad,” captures Gobber’s humor and memorable one-liners.

Combat Training Quotes

As a seasoned Viking warrior, Gobber’s quotes often revolved around combat training and the skills required to face formidable opponents. “Use what you got. And that includes old friends!” reflects Gobber’s understanding that resourcefulness and teamwork are necessary for success in battle.

Viking Mentoring Quotes

Gobber’s role as a mentor figure was highlighted through his quotes, which sought to guide and inspire Hiccup and the other young Vikings. “Just when you think you know someone, they go and surprise you,” portrays Gobber’s belief in the power of growth and change, encouraging openness to new perspectives.

Friendship Quotes

Friendship was a central theme in the How to Train Your Dragon series, with various characters building bonds that proved instrumental in their journeys. Let’s explore the quotes that showcased the profound friendships woven throughout the films.

Hiccup & Toothless Quotes

The friendship between Hiccup and Toothless was the heart of the How to Train Your Dragon series. Their quotes emphasized the depth of their connection and the unspoken understanding between them. “You’re as beautiful as the day I lost you,” captures the emotional reunion between Hiccup and Toothless, symbolizing the unbreakable bond they share.

Hiccup & Astrid Quotes

Hiccup and Astrid’s friendship evolved into a romantic relationship throughout the films. Their quotes showcased their unwavering support and understanding of one another. “We are more powerful together than we will ever be apart,” reflects the strength of their bond and the realization that their friendship empowers them to overcome any challenge.

Hiccup & Stoick Quotes

The relationship between Hiccup and Stoick experienced its fair share of ups and downs throughout the series. Their quotes highlighted the love and respect they had for one another, despite their differences. “You have the heart of a chief and the soul of a dragon. Only you can bring our worlds together,” showcases Stoick’s belief in his son’s abilities and the profound impact he has on both humans and dragons.

Hiccup & Gobber Quotes

Gobber’s role as a mentor and friend to Hiccup provided moments of wisdom and humor. Their quotes highlighted the guidance Gobber provided and the bond between these two characters. “Just a teacher? First, you gotta learn something,” represents Gobber challenging Hiccup to continue growing and learning, underscoring the importance of their friendship.

Hiccup & Valka Quotes

Valka, Hiccup’s long-lost mother, played a significant role in the final installment of the series. Their quotes showcased the deep connection they shared as mother and son. “Every dragon has its secrets. I’ll show them to you. Show me yours,” reflects the bond formed between Hiccup and Valka as they discovered and embraced their shared love for dragons.

With epic adventures, thrilling scenes, and heartwarming moments, the How to Train Your Dragon series delivered memorable quotes that have become cherished among fans. From the growth of characters like Hiccup and Toothless to the unforgettable friendships formed throughout the films, these quotes continue to inspire and resonate with audiences of all ages.

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