Oblivion Movie Quotes

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Oblivion Movie Quotes

Jack Harper Quotes

Opening Lines

“Earth is a memory worth fighting for. We have to remember our past, our home. We can’t let it be lost forever.”

On Earth’s Destruction

“Everything I knew, everything I loved, is gone. But I won’t let Earth be forgotten. It’s our duty to protect its memory.”

On Humanity’s Survival

“We may be few, but we’re still here. We’re survivors. And we have to keep fighting, keep pushing forward. Humanity will not be erased.”

On the Scavs

“The Scavs are dangerous, but they were once human too. We can’t forget that. We have to figure out why they turned against us.”

On the TET

“The TET controls everything. It’s our enemy, but it’s also a mystery. We need to uncover its true intentions, its purpose.”

Julia Rusakova Quotes

On Remembering the Past

“We can’t let our memories fade away. They hold the key to who we are, to what we’ve lost. Embracing our past is the only way to move forward.”

On Discovering the Truth

“The truth may be painful, but we can’t hide from it. We have to face the reality of what has happened and find a way to change our future.”

On Love and Sacrifice

“Love is a powerful force that can drive us to make great sacrifices. It’s what keeps us going, what gives us the strength to keep fighting.”

Sally Quotes

On Jack’s Morality

“Jack has always been a beacon of morality. He holds onto his values even in the face of despair. It’s what makes him special.”

On the Rebellion

“The rebellion is our only hope. We need to come together, fight against the tyranny of the TET. It’s time to reclaim our freedom.”

On the Power of Knowledge

“Knowledge is our greatest weapon. It’s what allows us to question, to seek the truth. We must use it wisely and share it to inspire change.”

Malcolm Beech Quotes

On Jack’s Loyalty

“Jack is loyal to the core. He would do anything to protect those he cares about, even if it means risking his own life.”

On the Mission’s Importance

“Our mission is vital. It’s not just about survival; it’s about reclaiming our identity as humans. We can’t let the TET control our destiny.”

On the Unknown Threat

“We don’t know what we’re up against, but we can’t let fear hold us back. We must be prepared for anything that comes our way.”

Oblivion Movie Quotes

Victoria Olsen Quotes

On Following Orders

“Orders are meant to be followed, but blindly obeying without questioning can lead to our downfall. We need to trust our instincts.”

On Maintaining Surveillance

“Surveillance is crucial. We need to gather as much information as possible to understand the TET’s plans and vulnerabilities.”

On Obeying the TET

“The TET may seem all-powerful, but blind obedience is not the answer. We must find ways to resist its control and fight for our freedom.”

Arthur Quotes

On Being a Tech

“Being a Tech is more than just repairing drones; it’s about preserving humanity’s knowledge and ensuring a future for us all.”

On Repairing Drones

“Repairing drones is a key task, but it’s also an opportunity to gather intelligence. We need to outsmart the TET at its own game.”

On Protecting the Hydro Rig

“The hydro rig is our lifeline. It’s what keeps us alive. We must defend it at all costs and ensure its continued operation.”

Sykes Quotes

On the Scav Resistance

“The Scav resistance is growing stronger. We need to forge alliances and support each other. Together, we can overthrow the TET.”

On the TET’s Weakness

“The TET may be powerful, but it has weaknesses. We need to identify and exploit them, find a way to dismantle its control.”

On Trusting Jack

“Jack has proven himself time and time again. We can trust him to lead us, to make the right decisions for our survival.”

Raven Rock Quotes

On Living in a Bubble

“Living under the TET’s control is like living in a bubble, isolated from the truth. We must break free and embrace the real world.”

On TET’s Control

“The TET may have control over us now, but we must not lose hope. We must resist its influence and fight for our independence.”

On the Truth Outside

“There is a whole world waiting for us beyond the TET’s lies. We can’t let fear keep us trapped in its illusions. We must seek the truth.”

Miscellaneous Quotes

On Hope

“Hope is what keeps us going, even in the darkest times. It’s what gives us the strength to keep fighting, to never give up.”

On Identity

“Our identity as humans is at stake. We can’t let the TET erase our history, our memories. We must hold onto our true selves.”

On Humanity’s Second Chance

“This is our second chance to make things right, to rebuild and learn from our past mistakes. We can create a better future for humanity.”


The characters in “Oblivion” share quotes that reflect their determination, their struggles, and their hopes for a brighter future. From Jack Harper’s unwavering commitment to protecting Earth’s memory to Julia Rusakova’s belief in the power of love and sacrifice, each character brings a unique perspective to the fight against the TET. Sally emphasizes the importance of knowledge and the rebellion, while Malcolm Beech highlights Jack’s loyalty and the mission’s importance. Victoria Olsen encourages questioning and surveillance, and Arthur focuses on the role of technology and protecting the hydro rig. Sykes emphasizes the need for unity and trust in Jack, while Raven Rock urges the characters to break free from the TET’s control and seek the truth. The quotes on hope, identity, and humanity’s second chance serve as reminders of the characters’ unwavering determination to overcome challenges and ensure a future worth fighting for. Through their words, “Oblivion” presents a compelling narrative of resilience, sacrifice, and the unyielding spirit of humanity.

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