Yiyi Movie Quotes

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Yiyi Movie Quotes

Yiyi is a critically acclaimed Taiwanese film directed by Edward Yang. Released in 2000, it tells the story of a middle-class family living in Taipei and explores the complexities of their relationships, dreams, and disappointments. With its thoughtful and introspective narrative, Yiyi has garnered praise for its realistic depiction of everyday life and the profound emotions it evokes in its audience. To give you a glimpse into the film’s essence, here are some memorable Yiyi movie quotes that highlight its themes and moments of reflection.

Yiyi Movie Quotes



Yiyi presents an intimate portrayal of the Jian family as they navigate their personal struggles and search for meaning in their lives. The film is divided into specific chapters that gradually unfold the interconnected stories of different family members, acquaintances, and the city around them. Through the lens of a handheld camera, Yiyi captures the moments of their lives that may seem ordinary, but ultimately reveal the depth of human emotions and the desire for connection and understanding.

Main Characters

The film features a diverse ensemble cast with each character offering a unique perspective on life. Let’s delve into the main characters of Yiyi and discover their aspirations, conflicts, and the role they play within the intricate tapestry of the story.


Yiyi is a contemplation of life’s complexities, where everyday events intertwine with personal dilemmas and unexpected encounters. It invites the audience to examine the nuances of human relationships, the fragility of dreams, and the impact of choices made.

At its core, Yiyi is an exploration of the human condition, and through the mundane, it magnifies the extraordinary within us all. It is a movie that resonates long after the final scene fades, leaving a sense of introspection and a renewed appreciation for the fleeting moments that shape our lives.

Main Characters

NJ Jian

NJ Jian, played by Wu Nien-jen, is the heart of the Jian family. A middle-aged businessman caught up in the fast-paced world of technology and commerce, he finds himself detached from his family and his own dreams. NJ’s journey throughout the film is one of self-discovery as he tries to reconcile his responsibilities with his desire for personal fulfillment.


Min-min, portrayed by Elaine Jin, is NJ’s wife. She appears as a quiet and reserved presence, but within her lies the weight of unspoken emotions and untapped desires. Min-min’s inability to express herself fully shapes her interactions with others and heightens the sense of longing running through the film.


Ting-Ting, played by Kelly Lee, is the teenage daughter of NJ and Min-min. She grapples with the complexities of love and the pursuit of her own happiness amid the expectations placed upon her. Ting-Ting’s journey intertwines with that of other characters, revealing the interconnectedness of their lives and the impact they have on one another.


Yang-Yang, portrayed by Jonathan Chang, is the curious younger brother of Ting-Ting. With his video camera always in hand, Yang-Yang views the world through a lens of childlike wonder. Through his innocent observations, Yiyi reflects on the nature of memory, the passage of time, and the significance of capturing fleeting moments.


Jiang-Na, played by Xisheng Chen, is a young neighbor who captures the attention of both NJ and Yang-Yang. Her presence serves as a catalyst for introspection and self-discovery for various characters throughout the film. Jiang-Na represents the transient aspects of life, highlighting the impermanence of connections and the importance of seizing opportunities.

Other Characters

Within the tapestry of Yiyi, several other characters contribute to the rich narrative, each with their own struggles and aspirations. From NJ’s mother, his eccentric brother-in-law, to a Japanese escort, the film introduces a diverse range of personalities who intersect with the main characters, revealing the intricacies of human relationships.

In conclusion, Yiyi is a masterclass in capturing the beauty within the ordinary. With its compelling plot and complex characters, the film immerses its audience in an introspective journey that touches upon universal themes of love, longing, and the fleeting nature of time. Through the lens of deep human emotion and the exploration of everyday life, Yiyi encourages us to reflect on our own experiences and cherish the precious moments that shape our lives.

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