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Released in 1997, The Fifth Element has become one of the most iconic sci-fi films of all time. Set in a distant future where the Earth is in danger of destruction, the film follows the journey of Korben Dallas, a former soldier turned cab driver, as he tries to save the world with the help of a powerful elemental supreme being named Leeloo.

But the movie wouldn’t be complete without its diverse cast of characters, each with their own unique personalities and roles. In this article, we’ll dive into the characters of The Fifth Element and explore how they contribute to the story.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Fifth Element is an iconic sci-fi film released in 1997.
  • The movie follows the journey of Korben Dallas as he tries to save the world with the help of a powerful elemental supreme being named Leeloo.
  • The film boasts a diverse cast of characters, each with their own unique personalities and roles.
  • In this article, we’ll explore the different characters in The Fifth Element and their significance in the story.

The Protagonist: Korben Dallas

Korben Dallas, portrayed by Bruce Willis, is the main character of The Fifth Element. He is a former major in the Federated Army and a current cab driver in New York City, living a mundane life until he meets Leeloo. Korben is initially reluctant to become involved in the fight to save Earth from an approaching evil, but ultimately accepts his role as the hero.

Korben is a skilled fighter and marksman, but he is also known for his short temper and lack of patience. However, his tough exterior is also balanced by his compassion and sense of justice, particularly when it comes to protecting Leeloo.

Throughout the movie, Korben develops a deep emotional bond with Leeloo, eventually falling in love with her. Their relationship becomes a driving force in the story, motivating Korben to risk his life to save her and ultimately the entire planet.

The Elemental Supreme Being: Leeloo

Leeloo, portrayed by Milla Jovovich, is the Elemental Supreme Being and a pivotal character in The Fifth Element. She is sent to Earth to prevent an apocalyptic event and must team up with Korben Dallas to save humanity.

Leeloo’s character is unique and complex. She speaks a fictional language, and her physical abilities are beyond human comprehension. She is powerful, yet vulnerable, and her journey throughout the film is one of self-discovery. Despite her otherworldly nature, Leeloo develops a human-like connection with Korben, adding a romantic subplot to the story.

Leeloo’s significance in the film extends beyond her role as a protagonist. She represents humanity’s last hope and embodies the elements that make life worth living. Her passion, love, and empathy are essential in defeating the ultimate evil threatening the world. Leeloo’s iconic appearance, from her orange-haired pixie cut to her iconic bandage outfit, has cemented her place in pop culture history.

The Eccentric Scientist: Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg

One of the most memorable characters in The Fifth Element is the peculiar businessman and weapons designer Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg, portrayed by Gary Oldman.

Zorg is the main antagonist in the movie, working for the ultimate evil being and determined to bring about the end of the world. He is a man of wealth and power, with no qualms about using violence and destruction to achieve his goals.

However, what sets Zorg apart from other villainous characters is his quirky personality and strange mannerisms. He wears a metal device on his head that allows him to communicate with a strange alien creature, which he considers his pet. He also carries a fancy cane that doubles as a deadly weapon.

Despite Zorg’s sinister intentions, his character provides a sense of humor and entertainment to the film. Oldman’s portrayal of the eccentric scientist adds a unique flavor to the ensemble cast, making him a fan favorite.

The Divine Diva: Diva Plavalaguna

The Fifth Element’s Diva Plavalaguna is a character that steals the show with her powerful vocals and mesmerizing presence. As one of the key characters in the film, the blue-skinned Diva is an opera singer who holds the key to the survival of the universe.

Her exceptional voice is crucial to the story, as the fate of humanity depends on her successful performance of an ancient alien song. The Diva’s character design is also noteworthy, as her unique features and stunning costume contribute to the overall visual appeal of the film.

Characteristics Description
Personality Although she has limited screen time, Diva Plavalaguna is portrayed as a calm and composed character who is focused on her mission to save the universe.
Role in the story The Diva’s performance of the alien song is the key to the survival of humanity, as the song has the power to defeat the evil force that threatens to destroy Earth.

The character’s impact on the story is significant, as her performance is one of the most memorable and iconic scenes in the film. Diva Plavalaguna’s character is also an example of the unique and imaginative world-building that made The Fifth Element such a beloved sci-fi film.

The Enigmatic Priest: Father Vito Cornelius

Father Vito Cornelius is an enigmatic priest who plays an important role in The Fifth Element. He is portrayed by the late Ian Holm, who brilliantly portrayed the character’s mysterious and wise persona.

Father Vito Cornelius is an essential character in the story, as he is tasked with protecting the elemental stones that are crucial to saving the world. He is knowledgeable about the prophecy that predicts the coming of the Fifth Element, the only being that can stop the evil force threatening the universe.

Cornelius is wise and cautious, aware of the dangers posed by the villainous Zorg and his minions. He is also a mentor figure to the protagonist, Korben Dallas, and helps him understand the importance of his role in the mission to save the world.

Cornelius provides comic relief at times, with his deadpan humor and quirky mannerisms. He is a memorable character that adds depth and mystery to the film’s world-building.

The Importance of Cornelius

Cornelius is a crucial character in The Fifth Element, providing the necessary guidance and knowledge to the main characters. He is the keeper of the secret knowledge that will help them save the world and is instrumental in helping them achieve their goals.

The character’s wisdom and enigmatic nature make him an intriguing figure, and his relationship with Korben Dallas is one of the film’s highlights. Cornelius is an essential part of the film’s world-building, and his presence adds to the film’s depth and complexity.

The Intergalactic Mercenary: Ruby Rhod

Ruby Rhod is one of the most memorable characters in The Fifth Element. Played by Chris Tucker, Ruby is an over-the-top intergalactic radio host who becomes an unexpected ally to Korben and Leeloo in their quest to save the world from destruction.

With his flamboyant style and exaggerated personality, Ruby provides some of the movie’s most comedic moments. From his outrageous wardrobe to his high-pitched screams, he steals every scene he’s in. However, he also proves to be a valuable asset to the team, using his charisma and quick thinking to help them out of tight spots.

One of the most iconic scenes in the movie is when Ruby interviews the blue-skinned opera singer, Diva Plavalaguna. He is in awe of her beauty and talent, and his reactions during her performance are pure entertainment. This scene perfectly showcases Ruby’s flamboyance and larger-than-life personality.

Despite Ruby’s comedic value, he also plays a significant role in the plot of the movie. He is instrumental in helping Korben and Leeloo escape from Zorg’s clutches, and ultimately aids in their mission to stop the Great Evil from destroying Earth.

Overall, Ruby Rhod is a character that is impossible to forget. He adds a unique dynamic to The Fifth Element and proves that even in the face of danger, there’s always room for a little bit of humor.

The Stoic General: Munro

In the chaos that ensues throughout The Fifth Element, General Munro stands out as a stoic leader. As the commander of the military forces tasked with defending Earth from the all-consuming evil, Munro has a cool head and a steady hand. Played by the talented Brion James, Munro exudes a sense of calm assurance that brings comfort to those around him.

Despite being a secondary character, Munro plays an important role in the film. His military expertise and unwavering discipline enable him to make tough decisions when the chips are down. He serves as a counterbalance to the more sensational elements of the story, providing a sense of grounding and stability that helps to reinforce the gravity of the situation facing humanity.

Munro’s interactions with Korben Dallas and the rest of the main characters reveal a deep well of respect and admiration. He understands the gravity of the mission at hand, and is willing to work with anyone who can help save the world.

Overall, General Munro is an important character in The Fifth Element. His quiet strength and unwavering leadership serve as a necessary counterpoint to the more flamboyant and eccentric characters in the movie.


The characters in The Fifth Element played a crucial role in making the movie the iconic sci-fi film it is today. Korben Dallas’s daring heroism, Leeloo’s elemental gifts, Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg’s villainous machinations, Diva Plavalaguna’s mesmerizing performance, Father Vito Cornelius’s enigmatic wisdom, Ruby Rhod’s flamboyant personality, and General Munro’s stoic leadership all contributed to the movie’s success.

The Fifth Element has remained popular over the years, due in part to its memorable characters. Whether it’s Korben Dallas’s iconic line “Aziz, light!” or Ruby Rhod’s flamboyant outfits, these characters have become ingrained in pop culture and have left a lasting impact. As we look back at this classic sci-fi film, it’s undeniable that the characters played a vital role in cementing The Fifth Element’s place in cinematic history.


Q: Who are the main characters in The Fifth Element?

A: The main characters in The Fifth Element include Korben Dallas, Leeloo, Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg, Diva Plavalaguna, Father Vito Cornelius, Ruby Rhod, and General Munro.

Q: Who is Korben Dallas?

A: Korben Dallas is the protagonist of The Fifth Element. He is a former military special forces major turned cab driver, who becomes caught up in a mission to save the world.

Q: What is Leeloo’s role in the movie?

A: Leeloo is the Elemental Supreme Being in The Fifth Element. She possesses extraordinary abilities and is tasked with helping to prevent the destruction of Earth.

Q: Who is Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg?

A: Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg is an eccentric scientist in The Fifth Element. He is motivated by greed and power, and plays a significant role in the plot.

Q: What is Diva Plavalaguna known for?

A: Diva Plavalaguna is a famous opera singer in The Fifth Element. Her performance is crucial to the story and holds great importance in the overall narrative.

Q: Who is Father Vito Cornelius?

A: Father Vito Cornelius is an enigmatic priest in The Fifth Element. He plays a key role in guiding and supporting the main characters in their mission.

Q: What is Ruby Rhod’s character like?

A: Ruby Rhod is an intergalactic mercenary known for his flamboyant personality in The Fifth Element. He brings comedic value to the film and interacts with other characters in unique ways.

Q: Who is General Munro?

A: General Munro is a stoic military leader in The Fifth Element. He plays a significant role in the movie and interacts with the main characters throughout the story.

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