The Fifth Element Milla Jovovich Costume: Embodying the Iconic Leeloo Look

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If you’re a fan of The Fifth Element, then you know that Milla Jovovich’s character, Leeloo, is one of the most recognizable and beloved in sci-fi movie history. Her unique outfit, complete with orange suspenders and bandage wraps, is a popular choice for cosplayers looking to embody this iconic character.

While finding the right materials and creating an accurate costume can present its own set of challenges, the end result is worth it for anyone looking to stand out at a convention or in a cosplay contest. Fortunately, there are resources available for those seeking high-quality, unique designs to create the perfect Leeloo costume.

Key Takeaways:

  • Leeloo from The Fifth Element is an iconic character in sci-fi movie history.
  • Cosplayers can recreate her futuristic outfit with attention to detail.
  • There are resources available for creating a high-quality, unique Leeloo costume.

The Iconic Leeloo Look

Leeloo, portrayed by Milla Jovovich in The Fifth Element, is a beloved character in pop culture. Part of her appeal is undoubtedly her iconic look, which is instantly recognizable to fans of the film.

The Leeloo costume is a futuristic ensemble, featuring a white crop top, orange suspenders, and bright orange pants. The outfit is completed with signature bandage wraps that line her arms and legs, as well as her unique hairstyle.

The Leeloo costume has become a popular choice for cosplay, with fans eager to replicate the iconic look. Whether you’re attending a convention or simply want to embody the character in your everyday life, it’s essential to get the details right to create an accurate portrayal.

The Details That Make the Look

When crafting a Leeloo costume, it’s important to pay attention to the details that make the look so distinctive. The crop top should fit snugly and feature a cutout detail in the front. The suspenders should cross in the back and be adjustable to ensure a comfortable fit. The pants should be high-waisted and flare out slightly at the bottom.

The bandage wraps are another essential element of the Leeloo look. They should be snug around the arms and legs, with some fans opting to create their own using medical tape or ace bandages.

Finally, the Leeloo hairstyle is a key part of the look. It features a bright orange color and is styled in a unique, asymmetrical shape that is tapered at the back. The hairline is also drawn onto the forehead, creating a distinctive “V” shape.

With attention to these details, any fan can create a stunning Leeloo costume that accurately portrays this iconic character.

Crafting the Perfect Leeloo Costume

Creating an authentic Leeloo cosplay requires attention to detail and careful selection of materials. We’ve compiled some tips and suggestions to help you craft the perfect Leeloo costume.

Material Selection

The first step in creating your Leeloo costume is to select the right materials. For her white outfit, you’ll need a white bandage material or stretchy fabric that closely resembles it. The orange suspenders can be sourced from a fabric or craft store, while the signature bandage wraps can be made from the same white material as the outfit. Don’t forget to add the silver circular studs on the straps for added accuracy.

Replicating the Outfit

Once you’ve gathered your materials, it’s time to replicate the outfit. Start by creating the bandage wrap top with straps. Add the silver studs and attach the orange suspenders to the trousers. For the trousers, create a tight fit around the legs and include the signature knee pads. Finish the outfit by wrapping the bandage material around your arms and legs, securing them in place with safety pins.

Finishing Touches

To enhance the overall look of your Leeloo cosplay, it’s important to add the finishing touches. The multipass is a key accessory that can be created using a plastic cardholder and some small metal parts. You can also include a pair of white boots and fingerless gloves to complete the outfit.

With these tips, you’re well on your way to crafting an accurate and impressive Leeloo costume. Whether you’re making it from scratch or purchasing a ready-made version, the key is to pay attention to the details and have fun bringing this iconic character to life.

Buying a Ready-made Leeloo Costume

If creating a Leeloo costume from scratch seems daunting, purchasing a ready-made option may be the way to go. There are various online retailers and cosplay stores that offer high-quality and accurate Leeloo costumes.

When choosing a ready-made costume, it’s important to consider the quality of materials and overall accuracy of the design. Look for costumes made from durable materials that accurately replicate the signature elements of Leeloo’s outfit, such as the iconic orange suspenders, the bandage wraps, and the multipass.

Recommended Retailers

Retailer Price Range Notes
CosplaySky $70-$150 Offers custom sizing options
Miccostumes $45-$100 Free shipping options available
EZCosplay $60-$120 Large selection of Leeloo costumes and accessories

These retailers have been recommended by members of the cosplay community and have received positive reviews for their Leeloo costumes. It’s important to note that prices may vary depending on the level of detail and accuracy included in the costume design.

While purchasing a ready-made costume may save time and effort, it’s important to remember that customization and personalization are limited. Some costumes may also require minor adjustments or alterations to achieve the most accurate and comfortable fit.

DIY Leeloo Costume Tutorial

Create your own Leeloo costume with this step-by-step tutorial! Follow these instructions to achieve an authentic look that will make you stand out at any cosplay event.

Gather Your Materials

First, you will need to gather the necessary materials to create your Leeloo costume. You will need:

Materials Quantity
White and Orange Elastic Fabric 2 yards each
Orange Suspenders 1 pair
Brown Leather Straps 2 strips
White Bandages 1 roll

Make sure to take accurate measurements and find the appropriate fabrics and materials to ensure an accurate fit and look.

Create the Bodysuit

Start with the white elastic fabric and create a bodysuit based on your measurements. Use a sewing machine to assemble the pieces and create a tight, form-fitting suit.

Add the Orange Suspenders and Straps

Attach the orange suspenders to the bodysuit, making sure they are secure and positioned correctly. Then, add the brown leather straps by sewing them onto the bodysuit at the waist and shoulders.

Create the Bandage Wraps

Use the white bandages to create the signature bandage wraps on Leeloo’s wrists and ankles. Wrap them tightly and secure them in place with small strips of fabric or adhesive.

Cutting and Styling the Hair

To achieve Leeloo’s iconic hairstyle, start by cutting your hair into a short bob. Then, style it by using gel to create the spiky look.

Finish the Look

Finally, add the finishing touches to complete the Leeloo look. Use makeup to achieve the striking orange and yellow hues on your skin and apply temporary tattoos to your arms and neck. Don’t forget the multipass!

With this tutorial, you now have the knowledge and tools to create an amazing Leeloo costume for your next cosplay event. Embrace your creativity and have fun bringing this iconic character to life!

Accessorizing the Leeloo Costume

In order to fully embody the iconic character of Leeloo from The Fifth Element, it’s important to pay attention to the unique accessories and props that complete the look. These details are what truly set your cosplay apart and make it instantly recognizable to fellow fans.

Accessory/Prop Description
Multipass The multipass is an essential accessory for any Leeloo cosplay. It can be made from foam or plastic and painted to match the designs from the movie.
Orange suspenders Leeloo’s bright orange suspenders are a key element of her outfit. They can be purchased online or made from orange fabric and elastic.
Bandage wraps The bandage wraps on Leeloo’s arms and legs are a recognizable and unique detail. They can be created from gauze or similar materials and secured with tape.

For those looking to take their cosplay to the next level, there are additional props that can be added to truly capture the essence of Leeloo. These could include a replica weapon or the iconic white combat boots that complete her outfit.

Creating Your Own Accessories and Props

If you’re feeling creative, making your own accessories and props can be a rewarding challenge. There are numerous online tutorials and resources available for creating the multipass, suspenders, and bandage wraps, as well as other items such as the orange stones that adorn Leeloo’s ears.

Don’t be afraid to get creative and customize your accessories to suit your individual style and preferences. This is your chance to make the character your own and showcase your unique talents and abilities.

Hairstyling for Leeloo’s Look

Leeloo’s distinct hairstyle is just as important as her futuristic outfit in creating an authentic cosplay. Here are some tips to help you achieve the perfect Leeloo hair:

  1. Color: The first step is to achieve Leeloo’s bright orange hair color. You can use permanent or temporary hair dye, or even hair chalk for a non-permanent option. Make sure to do a strand test first and follow the instructions carefully to avoid damaging your hair.
  2. Cut: Leeloo’s hair is short and layered, with longer pieces in the front. If you’re not comfortable cutting your hair, consider using a wig or extensions to get the desired look.
  3. Style: To create Leeloo’s signature spikes, start by blow-drying your hair with a round brush to add volume. Then, use a flat iron or curling iron to create small curls and set them with hairspray. Next, use your fingers to separate the curls and create spikes by gently pulling the hair upwards towards the crown of your head. Use more hairspray to keep the spikes in place.
  4. Accessories: Complete the look with the distinctive orange hair wraps that Leeloo wears on the sides of her head. You can use orange fabric or ribbon to create your own wraps, or purchase pre-made ones online or at a costume store.

With these tips, you’ll be sure to turn heads with your Leeloo cosplay hairstyle!

Showcasing Your Leeloo Cosplay

After putting in all the effort and creativity to create a stunning Leeloo costume, it’s only natural to want to show it off. Fortunately, there are numerous avenues for showcasing your cosplay skills and connecting with other fans of The Fifth Element.

Attending Conventions

One of the best opportunities for displaying your Leeloo cosplay is by attending conventions or expos. These events bring together cosplay enthusiasts from all over the world, with many showcasing their costumes and participating in cosplay contests. In addition to showing off your outfit, you’ll also have the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals and connect with fellow fans of The Fifth Element.

Joining Online Communities

There are countless online communities dedicated to cosplay, where you can share your Leeloo costume and connect with others who share your passion. Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, are ideal for this purpose, allowing you to post photos, interact with other cosplayers, and connect with fans of The Fifth Element. Joining online forums and discussion boards is also a great way to find advice, tips, and inspiration for your next cosplay project.

Sharing on Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool for showcasing your Leeloo cosplay. Posting photos and videos of your outfit on platforms such as Instagram and TikTok can help you reach a wider audience and gain more exposure for your creativity. Using relevant hashtags, such as #LeelooCosplay, #TheFifthElement, and #MillaJovovich, can also help you connect with other cosplayers and fans of the movie.

Participating in Photoshoots

Collaborating with photographers and other cosplayers for photoshoots can also be a fun and rewarding way to showcase your Leeloo cosplay. Whether you’re posing in a studio or out in nature, professional photographs can help capture the intricate details of your costume and show off your hard work. Sharing these photos on social media or submitting them to cosplay blogs can also help you gain more exposure and recognition within the cosplay community.

No matter how you choose to showcase your Leeloo cosplay, the key is to have fun and enjoy the experience. Embrace your creativity and connect with fellow fans of The Fifth Element, and you’re sure to have a memorable and rewarding cosplay journey.

Maintaining and Storing Your Leeloo Costume

After all the effort put into creating your Leeloo costume, it’s essential to take proper care of it to ensure its longevity. Here are some tips to maintain and store your costume:

Cleaning methods Hand-wash your costume with a mild detergent and cold water. Avoid using bleach or fabric softener. Hang to dry, away from direct sunlight.
Fabric care If your costume has any delicate or intricate fabric, such as the bandage wraps or orange suspenders, handle them with care. Avoid exposing them to harsh chemicals or excessive heat.
Storage Store your costume in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight or moisture. Avoid folding or creasing it excessively, as this can damage certain materials. Consider investing in a garment bag or protective cover to keep it safe from dust or other elements.

Remember, proper maintenance and storage can extend the life of your costume and keep it looking as good as new for future events and showcases!

Enhancing Your Leeloo Cosplay Experience

Cosplaying as Leeloo from The Fifth Element is a fun and exciting way to immerse yourself in the world of science fiction and pop culture. As you continue to refine your costume and embody this iconic character, consider these ideas for enhancing your overall cosplay experience.

Attend Themed Events

One of the best ways to fully embrace the Leeloo persona is by attending themed events. Look for local conventions, expos, or fan gatherings that celebrate The Fifth Element or science fiction in general. This is a great opportunity to meet like-minded individuals, show off your costume, and participate in activities that enhance your overall experience.

Join Fan Clubs

If you’re a diehard fan of The Fifth Element, consider joining a fan club or online community dedicated to the movie or its characters. This is a great way to connect with other fans, share your cosplay photos, and stay up-to-date on all things related to the franchise.

Explore Related Media

Another way to enhance your Leeloo cosplay experience is by exploring related media, such as comics, video games, or books. This allows you to further immerse yourself in the world of The Fifth Element and gain a deeper appreciation for the character and her story.

Embrace Your Creativity

Above all, remember to embrace your creativity and have fun with your Leeloo cosplay. Don’t be afraid to add your own personal touches to the costume or come up with unique poses or expressions that truly bring the character to life. The more you embody the spirit of Leeloo, the more fulfilling your cosplay experience will be.


In conclusion, cosplaying as Leeloo from The Fifth Element is a popular and iconic choice for many fans of the film. Whether you choose to create your own costume or purchase a ready-made one, attention to detail is key in achieving an accurate portrayal of this memorable character.

From the distinctive hairstyle to the unique accessories, every aspect of the costume is important in bringing Leeloo to life. Don’t be afraid to get creative and add your own personal touches to make your cosplay stand out.

Remember to take care of your costume properly, using the tips and tricks provided in this article for cleaning and storage. And most importantly, have fun showcasing your Leeloo cosplay at conventions, online communities, and other themed events.

Embrace Your Creativity as Leeloo

By embracing your creativity and attention to detail, you can create an unforgettable Leeloo cosplay experience. Immerse yourself in The Fifth Element universe and connect with fellow fans to further enhance your cosplay journey.

Thank you for reading this guide to cosplaying as Leeloo from The Fifth Element. We hope it has provided you with helpful tips and inspiration to bring this iconic character to life. Now, go forth and embody the ultimate fifth element!


Q: What is The Fifth Element Milla Jovovich Costume?

A: The Fifth Element Milla Jovovich Costume refers to the iconic outfit worn by actress Milla Jovovich’s character, Leeloo, in the movie The Fifth Element. It is a popular choice for cosplay and is known for its futuristic design and unique style.

Q: Where can I find a Leeloo costume?

A: You can find Leeloo costumes at various online retailers and cosplay stores. It is recommended to search for high-quality and accurate costume options to ensure the best representation of the character.

Q: How can I create my own Leeloo costume?

A: Crafting a Leeloo costume can be a fun and creative project. You can start by sourcing the right materials, replicating the signature elements of the outfit, and adding finishing touches for an accurate portrayal. There are tutorials and guides available online to assist you in the process.

Q: Can I buy a ready-made Leeloo costume?

A: Yes, you can purchase ready-made Leeloo costumes from reliable online retailers or cosplay stores. These costumes are designed to resemble the character’s look and provide convenience for those who prefer not to make their own costume.

Q: Is there a DIY tutorial for creating a Leeloo costume?

A: Absolutely! There are step-by-step DIY tutorials available that can guide you in creating a Leeloo costume from scratch. These tutorials provide detailed instructions, along with helpful tips and tricks, to help you achieve an authentic and accurate look.

Q: What accessories can I add to my Leeloo costume?

A: To enhance your Leeloo costume, you can add accessories such as the multipass, orange suspenders, and bandage wraps. These unique items complete the overall look and add authenticity to your cosplay.

Q: How can I style my hair like Leeloo?

A: Styling your hair like Leeloo can be achieved through hair coloring, styling techniques, and the use of hair extensions if necessary. It is recommended to follow tutorials or consult with a hairstylist to achieve the desired look.

Q: How can I showcase my Leeloo cosplay?

A: You can showcase your Leeloo cosplay by attending conventions, participating in online communities dedicated to The Fifth Element, and sharing your costume on social media. These platforms allow you to connect with fellow enthusiasts and celebrate your love for the character.

Q: How should I maintain and store my Leeloo costume?

A: To maintain your Leeloo costume, it is important to follow proper cleaning methods and fabric care instructions. Additionally, storing your costume in a cool, dry place and using garment bags or boxes can help preserve its quality and ensure its longevity.

Q: How can I enhance my Leeloo cosplay experience?

A: To enhance your Leeloo cosplay experience, consider attending themed events, joining fan clubs, and exploring related media. Immersing yourself in The Fifth Element universe can deepen your connection to the character and create memorable experiences.

Q: Can you provide a summary of The Fifth Element Milla Jovovich Costume?

A: The Fifth Element Milla Jovovich Costume refers to the iconic outfit worn by Leeloo, a character portrayed by Milla Jovovich in the movie The Fifth Element. Whether you choose to craft your own costume or purchase a ready-made one, embodying Leeloo offers a chance to showcase creativity and connect with The Fifth Element fandom.

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