The Fifth Element Newport Menu

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Located in the heart of Newport, The Fifth Element offers a unique dining experience that combines delicious cuisine with a vibrant atmosphere. The menu is carefully curated to provide a diverse selection of dishes, with something for everyone.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Fifth Element is a popular dining spot in Newport.
  • The menu offers a diverse selection of dishes to suit all tastes.
  • The ambiance is vibrant and welcoming, making it a great spot for a night out.

Explore the Diverse Menu Options at The Fifth Element

If you’re looking for a unique and diverse dining experience in Newport, The Fifth Element is the place to be. With an extensive and varied menu, there’s something for everyone at this popular restaurant.

Starting with appetizers, The Fifth Element offers a range of delicious starters to tantalize your taste buds. From classic buffalo wings to creative truffle fries, there’s an option for every palate. Don’t miss out on the crab cakes – a customer favorite!

Move on to the main course and prepare to be impressed. With options ranging from hearty burgers to fresh seafood dishes, vegetarian options, and everything in between, there’s no shortage of mouthwatering entrees to choose from. Be sure to try the signature Cajun chicken pasta, a perfectly-spiced and flavorful dish.

If you’re in the mood for pizza or pasta, The Fifth Element has got you covered. Choose from a variety of unique pizzas, including the popular shrimp scampi pizza or the buffalo chicken pizza with blue cheese dressing. Alternatively, opt for a classic pasta dish like the rich and creamy fettuccine alfredo.

Salad and soup offerings at The Fifth Element are just as impressive as the rest of the menu. Enjoy a refreshing Caesar salad or try the beet salad for a colorful and flavorful option. Soup lovers won’t be disappointed with the rotating selection of hearty soups and comforting chowders.

If you’re looking for something to wash it all down, The Fifth Element has a wide selection of beverages and cocktails to choose from. Enjoy a refreshing craft beer or indulge in a fruity cocktail like the signature Newport Sunrise.

Be sure to save room for dessert – the sweet treats at The Fifth Element are not to be missed. From the classic New York cheesecake to the indulgent chocolate lava cake, there’s a dessert option for every sweet tooth.

With specials and promotions happening regularly, there’s always a reason to visit The Fifth Element. Check the website or give them a call to learn about the latest deals and discounts.


Start your meal off right with The Fifth Element Newport’s delicious appetizers. From classic favorites to unique flavors, there’s something for everyone on the menu.

Appetizers Description
Calamari Crispy golden fried calamari, served with marinara sauce and lemon wedges.
Spinach and Artichoke Dip A creamy blend of spinach, artichokes, and cheeses served with freshly baked tortilla chips.
Buffalo Chicken Wings Crispy buffalo wings tossed in your choice of mild, medium, or hot sauce served with blue cheese dressing and celery sticks.

Looking for something a bit more unique? Try the Stuffed Mushrooms, filled with a flavorful mixture of cheeses, herbs, and breadcrumbs. For a vegetarian option, the Roasted Beet Salad is a delicious blend of mixed greens, roasted beets, goat cheese, and candied walnuts.

Main Course

At The Fifth Element Newport, the main course options are as diverse as they are mouth-watering. Whether you’re in the mood for meat, seafood, or vegetarian dishes, there’s something for everyone on the menu.

Dish Description
Braised Short Rib A succulent, slow-cooked beef short rib with mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables.
Grilled Salmon Perfectly grilled salmon fillet with wild rice pilaf and sautéed spinach.
Wild Mushroom Risotto (Vegetarian) A rich and creamy risotto filled with a variety of wild mushrooms.

Other popular main course options include the Chicken Marsala, Lobster Ravioli, and Pan-Seared Scallops. If you’re looking for something truly indulgent, don’t miss the Surf and Turf, which combines a juicy filet mignon with a buttery lobster tail.

Signature Dishes

The Fifth Element is known for its signature dishes, which are always a hit with customers. One of the most popular is the Seafood Paella, a Spanish-inspired dish filled with shrimp, mussels, clams, and sausage. Another must-try is the Chicken Parmesan, which features a crispy breaded chicken breast topped with marinara sauce and melted mozzarella cheese.

No matter what you choose, the main course dishes at The Fifth Element Newport are sure to impress.

Pizza and Pasta

The Fifth Element Newport menu offers a wide variety of pizza and pasta dishes that will satisfy any craving. Whether you are a fan of classic pizzas or adventurous pasta, the restaurant has something for every taste. From traditional Margherita and pepperoni pizzas to more exotic combinations of toppings, such as prosciutto and fig, you are sure to find a pizza that you will love.

If you prefer pasta, The Fifth Element has an equally diverse menu. The restaurant offers classic dishes, such as Spaghetti Bolognese and Linguine with Clams, as well as more unique options, such as Eggplant Parmesan and Carbonara. All pasta dishes are made with fresh ingredients and cooked to perfection.

Signature dishes

If you are looking for a signature dish, try the Fifth Element Pizza. This unique pizza is made with smoked mozzarella, roasted tomatoes, spinach, and garlic oil, and it is sure to become one of your favorites. For pasta lovers, the Lobster Ravioli with creamy tomato vodka sauce is a must-try. This dish is made with homemade ravioli stuffed with fresh lobster meat and sautéed with vodka sauce that perfectly complements the crustacean flavor.

Vegetarian options

The Fifth Element Newport also offers a variety of vegetarian pizza and pasta dishes. The Goat Cheese Pizza is a popular choice among vegetarians, made with goat cheese, caramelized onions, and arugula. The veggies Alfredo is another great option, made with fettuccine pasta, roasted vegetables, and a rich Alfredo sauce.

Salads and Soups

At The Fifth Element Newport, the salads and soups are the perfect start to any meal. With fresh ingredients, homemade dressings, and flavorful soups, these dishes are sure to delight your taste buds.

Salads Description
The Fifth Element House Salad A mix of fresh greens topped with tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, and croutons. Served with your choice of dressing.
Caesar Salad Crisp romaine lettuce, croutons, and shaved parmesan cheese tossed in a classic Caesar dressing.
Southwest Salmon Salad Grilled salmon served over a bed of mixed greens, black beans, corn, avocado, and tomatoes. Topped with chipotle ranch dressing.
Soups Description
New England Clam Chowder A creamy soup loaded with clams, potatoes, and bacon.
French Onion Soup A classic soup with caramelized onions and melted Swiss cheese on top of a toasted baguette.
Tomato Bisque A smooth and creamy soup made with ripe tomatoes and a hint of basil.

Tip: Pair your salad or soup with a half sandwich for a light and satisfying lunch.

Beverages and Cocktails

The Fifth Element offers a wide variety of beverages and cocktails to perfectly complement your meal. Whether you’re in the mood for a refreshing non-alcoholic beverage or a craft cocktail, they have something for everyone.

Drink Type Examples
Cocktails The Fifth Element Martini, Grapefruit Tequila Fizz, Black Cherry Old Fashioned
Craft Beer Newport Storm Hurricane Amber Ale, Foolproof Brewing Company Raincloud Robust Porter, Grey Sail Brewing Pour Judgment IPA
Wine Red, white, and sparkling options by the glass or bottle
Non-Alcoholic Drinks Lemonade, Iced Tea, Coffee, Hot Tea, Fresh Juice Options

Don’t hesitate to ask your server for drink recommendations or to suggest a cocktail that matches your taste preferences. With so many options to choose from, The Fifth Element is sure to satisfy everyone’s thirst.


Save some room for the sweetest part of your meal: The Fifth Element’s dessert menu. Indulge in one of their delicious cakes, pies, or ice cream, all made with fresh and natural ingredients.

Dessert Description Price
Warm Chocolate Cake Decadent chocolate cake served with vanilla ice cream and raspberry sauce. $8.95
Apple Tart Flaky pastry filled with warm apples and cinnamon, served with whipped cream. $7.50
Blueberry Cheesecake A classic cheesecake with a twist of blueberries, served with berry compote. $9.50

Don’t miss the seasonal or limited-time dessert offerings, such as the pumpkin pie in the fall or the refreshing sorbet in the summer. The Fifth Element has something for every sweet tooth!

Specials and Promotions

At The Fifth Element Newport, we love offering our customers great deals and promotions to enhance their dining experience. Check out some of our current specials below:

Special Details
Happy Hour Enjoy discounted drinks and appetizers every Monday through Friday from 3pm to 6pm.
Taco Tuesday Satisfy your cravings with $2 tacos and $5 margaritas every Tuesday from 3pm to close.
Wine Down Wednesday Indulge in half-priced bottles of wine every Wednesday from 3pm to close.
Weekend Brunch Join us for brunch on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 2pm and try our delicious breakfast and lunch dishes.

Be sure to check our website or give us a call for any additional promotions or discounts that may be available.


In summary, The Fifth Element in Newport offers a vibrant and unique dining experience with its diverse menu options. Whether you’re in the mood for appetizers, main courses, pizza and pasta, salads and soups, beverages and cocktails, or desserts, you’ll find something delicious to try. The Fifth Element also offers specials and promotions, so be sure to check their website or contact the restaurant for current deals. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy a memorable meal at The Fifth Element and savor the flavors of their exceptional dishes.


Q: What is The Fifth Element Newport Menu?

A: The Fifth Element Newport Menu is the food and drink selection available at The Fifth Element restaurant in Newport, US. It offers a variety of dishes, flavors, and styles to create a unique dining experience.

Q: What are the diverse menu options at The Fifth Element?

A: The Fifth Element offers a diverse range of menu options, including appetizers, main courses, pizza, pasta, salads, soups, beverages, cocktails, and desserts. There is something to suit every taste and preference.

Q: What appetizers can I find on The Fifth Element Newport Menu?

A: The appetizers on The Fifth Element Newport Menu include a selection of delicious starters. We recommend trying our popular choices, such as the crispy calamari or the flavorful spinach and artichoke dip.

Q: What main course options are available at The Fifth Element Newport?

A: The main course options at The Fifth Element Newport include a variety of dishes to satisfy your appetite. From meat and seafood to vegetarian options, there is something for everyone. Don’t miss out on our signature dishes like the grilled salmon or the mouthwatering ribeye steak.

Q: What pizza and pasta options are offered at The Fifth Element?

A: At The Fifth Element, you can indulge in a variety of pizza and pasta dishes. Our menu includes classic favorites like Margherita pizza and spaghetti carbonara, as well as unique creations like our truffle mushroom pizza or shrimp scampi pasta.

Q: What salads and soups can I find on The Fifth Element Newport Menu?

A: The Fifth Element Newport Menu includes a range of fresh and flavorful salads and soups. Enjoy combinations of fresh ingredients, homemade dressings, and aromatic soups. Try our refreshing Caesar salad or our hearty tomato basil soup.

Q: What beverage options are available at The Fifth Element Newport?

A: At The Fifth Element, you can choose from a variety of beverages and cocktails. Whether you prefer alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks, we have something for everyone. Don’t miss out on our craft beers, specialty cocktails, and refreshing house-made lemonades.

Q: What desserts can I find on The Fifth Element Newport Menu?

A: Indulge in our indulgent and sweet treats at The Fifth Element. Our dessert menu features a selection of cakes, pies, and ice cream to satisfy your sweet tooth. Be sure to try our decadent chocolate lava cake or our seasonal fruit tart.

Q: Are there any specials or promotions at The Fifth Element Newport?

A: The Fifth Element offers special promotions and deals. From happy hour discounts to weekly specials, there’s always something exciting happening. Check our website or contact the restaurant for current promotions and offers.

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